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The power house of 2 leading Vietnamese brands, The House of Sơn Tinh encompasses both the Sơn Tinh LoungeBar and Highway4 Restaurant.

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Sơn Tinh LoungeBar
Sơn Tinh LoungeBar occupies the 1st floor at "The House of Son Tinh". A chic and comfortable LoungeBar with a great selection of local and international beers, spirits & wines, as well as being home to Vietnam's only international award-winning liquor brand, Son Tinh Premium Liquor. Be sure to take the opportunity to taste the innovative and exclusive range of Sơn Tinh Cocktails.

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Highway4 Restaurant
Highway4 upstairs offers the ultimate Vietnamese dining experience! The food menu has been specially crafted over the last decade, using traditional Vietnamese flavours and ingredients whilst also adopting modern and innovative cooking styles and imported foodstuffs to meet the demands of today's society. Highway4 is very much the pioneer of modern Vietnamese cuisine, introducing new and exotic dishes to the table on a regular basis, leading the culture of urban dining.

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The Lounge also regularly hosts a series of "Sơn Tinh Nights", evenings of alternative entertainment from around the globe, plus live sports.

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The Cocktail Diaries: June2014
Espresso Star

June Promotion Price: 75,000

"Espresso Star is just brilliantly balanced with sweet and bitterness, smooth and refreshing.
Will Keplacki (US)"

Espresso star

Coffee and spirits have a special affinity for each other. One reason may be that the stimulant properties of caffeine offsets the depressant effects of alcohol, leaving us both alert and uninhibited — if a little shaky. Or maybe we'll just add Ruou to anything.
Vietnamese coffee is a natural match for Son Tin Nep Cam. Coffee's delicate character and Nep Cam's distinctive flavour harmonizes perfectly with the nuttiness of Amaretto. Espresso Star is borderline perk-me-up-cocktail-dessert that the House of Son Tinh has ever created! Available for a special promo price 75,000VND.

Ingredients: Son Tinh Nep Cam (Red Sticky Rice), Creme de Casis, Amaretto, Creme de Casis, Vietnamese Coffee